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Absolutely awesome to see you back in 2019! By the way I've watched some of your piano sequence tutorials online and it really helped me, not gonna lie. The song itself is really cool even for today's standards (at least I think that, call me a techno boomer if you like). I like the fast synth sequences, pads sound just great and definitely gotta love these classic Sytrus presets as well as the legendary HIT_6 sample at the end. The classic Dimrain47 we all know. Also yaaay, I happened to be the 2006th listener while typing this review although that doesn't really mean anything lol.

God dang it, I forgot yesterday was the 12th anniversary of this awesome track. RIP I guess, haha. I've known this one for a very long time now and I'm not gonna lie - I can't imagine a day without listening to it at least once. Fire Aura is absolutely my all-time favorite, just like many other songs from the same album, Living Planet. Every single aspect of this song feels just perfect to me, like I can't say anything bad about it, really. And because of that, this particular "aura" is actually the inspiration for almost all my songs. When I was bored I actually recreated it from scratch in FL Studio and even learned to play it on a keyboard by heart, once decided to play it in front of my classmates and the music teacher - they were amazed. This track may sound cheap and stuff to many people nowadays, but for some reason it doesn't to me. It made me instantly fall in love with most of your other creations, 180BPM, Sytrus and Techno altogether. When I think of Newgrounds or the Techno genre, I exactly think about Fire Aura. When I'm in a hurry or feel determinated enough to do something, it's immediately playing in my head. Yeah I know what you're thinking, I'm probably insane or something. And yeah, I'm definitely way too addicted to this piece of art, it's like a key answer to things in my life. There's something special about it. There's always that moment when a song you really like starts boring you so you start looking for different stuff. To me, it's definitely not a case with Fire Aura. Although I know how the entire thing goes from the very beginning to the very end, and I know which presets were mostly used, it still makes me feel pumped up and things like that. Dunno why, but that "breakdown" from 02:02 keeps amazing me to this day. Probably because it's focused on the lead, which I believe was made with one of these Sytrus guitar synths (I might be wrong though). Oh, and also that scattered bassline. It sounds so good that I started kinda overusing it in some of my own tracks. I know it's probably one of the stupidest things I'll ever say, but I wish this style came back sometime, because I absolutely love and greatly prefer it over the mainstream EDM. I would also love to see you returning with some new music.
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Wow, that's absolutely amazing. Feels just like the mid-late 90s. I also enjoyed that little error-like thing at the end with the original chord.wav. I'm definitely looking forward to listening to more of your tracks using Windows sounds if you plan to make some in the future!

A 16-year-old interested in computers and hardstuck in late 2000s. I make really lame tracks, mostly inspired by legendary musicians from Newgrounds. I use FL Studio and Photoshop on my daily basis. I spend most of the time on Discord: feandesign#2096.

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